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About Us

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    Founded in 2001, CBA began its humble operation by an individual whose passion was to deliver competitive and quality locally produced agrochemical products to farmers. CBA has now become the leading local agrochemical company in Indonesia, with more than 30 distribution points around Indonesia, to facilitate farmers’urgent needs of agrochemicals and farming tools, such as sprayer and mulch. Till today, CBA’ products is very popular in the market i.e Prima-up, Meta-Prima, Centa-Fur, PrimaxonePlus , CBA-6 etc.


    CBA is fully committed to preserve its original value to innovate, identify and meet farmers’ needs and satisfaction through accessible quality products all over Indonesia. In addition, CBA has managed to expand its business line into food industry (snack) and food ingredient (Dessicated Coconut and derivates) . Despite its rapid development and expansion to other agribusiness area such as seeds and liquid fertilizer in 2016, as well as its running expansion to other food business which include export market penetration of desiccated coconut (DC) in 2012 and local market penetration of tapioca-derived snacks in 2014. Our snack-business has penetrated the low-end market with the brand Benjiro.

    Mission & Vision

    Our Mission is "Creating Sustainable Benefits for Farmers, Our People and Stakeholders"
    Our Vision is To become a leader in Indonesian agricultural supply chain in 2020 through :
    → Double the revenue and maintain good profitability
    → Deliver effective and economical agricultural needs in the market
    → Increase standard of living of the farmers and our people


    » CBA accentuates innovation as our key competitiveness
    » Our high quality products and services should be easy-to-get
    Continuous Growth
    » Continuous improvement and willingness to grow are our DNA
    Fair and Competitive Environment
    » Our aim is to build professional, fair and competitive working environment

    Quality Policy

    » Always improve Our Knowledge and Skills in order to progress Improved Sustainable CBA

    » Always Priority the Customer Satisfaction

    » Care and Responsiveness to Customers, The Public, Legislation and Regional food chain security