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CBA’s vision is to be one of the Multinational Chemical Manufacturer within its industry.

CBA’s Mission is to give the customer best services, a consistent product quality and competitive price.

To achieve its Vision and Mission, CBA do our best effort to keep up with the latest technology, upgrading the Human Recourses Quality, and consistently do the research and development on the products.





Goes in line with the company’s vision and mission, CBA survive through hard times and difficult situation that happened in Indonesia generally. And further, CBA is transforming itself to become one of the strong companies within the rapid speed of economic and technology growth.

Since 2001, Indonesia Government had deregulate its law in the Pesticide industry and  Indonesia is one of the largest agriculture, thus CBA see a very good business opportunity to involve in the pesticide industry.

At the same year, CBA establish a new business unit that produce pesticide and the market is nationwide, with the trade mark as follows : Herbicide PRIMA-UP 480 AS ( A.I : IPA Glyphosate 480 g/l ), Herbicide META-PRIMA 20 WDG ( A.I : Melsufuron Methyl  20% ), Insecticide CENTA-FUR 3 GR ( A.I : Carbofuran 3% ), Herbicide PRIMAXONE 276 SL ( A.I : Paraquat Dicloride 276 g/l ), Herbicide PILAR-UP 480 SL ( A.I : IPA Glyphosate 480 g/l ).

For the future development, CBA will consistently develop pesticide product in the range of Insecticide Monosultap, Insecticide Dimehypo, Insecticide Permethrin, Fungicide Difenoconazole, Herbicide Ipa Glyphosate + Metsulfuron Methyl.

To keep the superior product quality, CBA consistently adding the laboratories facility and equipment as well as developing a high quality Human Recourses and having a join research with a national or overseas research institution.

The aim is to produce a product that can fulfill the market demand.

Currently, our laboratories had  been equipped with a high tech equipment such as HPLC, Spectrophotometer, Reactor Mini and the other facilities as well.




CBA Chemical Industry
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